Wazirx referral code 2022 -Free WRX code, benefits, commissions, income

Are you new in crypto buy and sell market, And searching for low fees exchange portal then wazirx is the best solution for both beginners and experts to trade in crypto currency. Also using wazirx referral code 2022 will give free sign up bonus in wrx coins.

Wants to trading in crypto market, Then your decision is absolutely right because exchange in crypto coins will earns you huge returns daily. If we compare with bank interests, Mutual funds or share markets returns. It earns many more times.

From wazirx exchange market, You can withdraw, exchange, sell, buy any crypto currency 24*7 hours at very minimal rate of fees like coindcx

Before starting to trade on crypto, Everyone thinks my money will be safe or not ?

Money safe or not on wazirx
Yes your money will be completely safe if you will use genuine portals like wazirx and buy stable crypto coins only where profit rates is low but risks also low. Wazirx is acquired by Binance which is world largest crypto portal

Let’s forget this all things if you don’t wants to invest real money because wazirx also offers one more option wazirx referral code invite and earn flat 50% commissions of friends trading.

wazirx exchange crypto image

Daily you will earn free wrx coins in your wazirx account which you can exchange into any currency or direct withdrawal to your bank account within seconds. Not a single minute wait. Use ember fund referral code where earn upto Rs.30 Bitcoins free every hour for just keep installing the app in phone.

Note : Investing in Crypto currency gives very good returns but as much higher you earns as much risk also increases. So i recommend to invest in stable coins like USDT.

What is wazirx referral program 2022 ?

Before start with wazirx refer and earn 2022 program, Know the complete details about this program here.

Wazirx is a genuine and India’s no. 1 crypto exchange market with very low exchange fees. Wazirx Token (WRX) is their own currency. There is one offer running on both Website and App named “Invite & Earn 50% Fees“.

Under wazirx referral code program , Verified users who shares their code or link to their friends which they uses for sign up and complete kyc using their legal documents.

Every time when they trades, Wazirx shares you flat 50% trading commission of every single trade and this income they will credit daily in your account.

Wazirx referral commissions will be credit in WRX crypto currency, Which you can instant convert into BTC, INR or any other crypto which available on Wazirx.

Instant the whole money from wazirx account, You can withdraw to bank account or transfer to other wallet address like flitpay which is also offering own free FLT tokens through Flitpay referral code.

Here is some more frequently asked questions answers :

How much i can earn from wazirx referral offer 2022 ?

Wazirx doesn’t restrict or limit on referral earnings, You can earn unlimited commissions on wazirx. Suppose you shared with 10 friends and they trades daily Rs.1000 each. So you will earn of Rs.10,000 trades commissions.

Wazirx have different commissions rates for different currencies so earnings will also depends on which currency they are trading.

How many days wazirx takes to unlock wrx coins ?

If you recently placed buy or sell order on wazirx then coins will be locked until the order is executed or cancelled. If you earned free wrx coins from sign up bonus or any other offer, Then it will take time which mentioned in offer terms.

Wazirx referral code earnings will not locked, Daily it will added under Available balance >> WRX coin section.

Is there any transaction fees for withdraw money into bank account ?

There is no any fees to withdraw wazirx referral code earnings into bank account if you go with NEFT mode, But if you need instant transfer then go with IMPS mode where Rs.10 fees will be deducted for one transaction.

How to create account using Wazirx referral code 2022 ?

On sign up using referral code on wazirx will rewards you to some free wrx coins, Its depend on luck and running offer at that time. Previously wazirx given upto 500 free coins for new users.

Don’t worry about wazirx referral code because here we shared our own referral code and link both, Use any one of them with below steps to create new account on wazirx.

You can also share you own refer code on bottom of this page so our readers will use it and both of you will earn.

The steps and screenshots shared here of wazirx website, Similar process you can do on app also.

  1. First of all, Visit wazirx through our referral link from here.
  2. Website homepage will open, You have to Click on “Sign up now button“.
  3. wazirx-homepage
  4. Enter Email address , Password, Confirm password, Referral code option will be automatically filled.
  5. sign-up-form
  6. If the referral code option doesn’t fill up automatically then manual enter this wazirx referral code from here.
  7. 8rb7z
  8. Agree with terms and conditions, Click on “Sign up” Button.
  9. Goto mail box and complete the email verification.
  10. It will redirect you for security, Select SMS or Authenticator. If sms then complete mobile number otp verification by entering code you receive on your mobile number.
  11. wazirx security option

Half of the steps is completed, Your email is registered with wazirx once you verified it. Now completing remaining steps will unlock your all restrictions.

Now the wazirx kyc verification part begins.

Note : Enter all the details genuinely which mentioned in government identity (ID). Mismatch of details will put your kyc verification in trouble.

How to complete KYC verification on wazirx ?

This is very important to complete kyc verification otherwise you can’t withdraw wazirx referral earnings to bank account. It will take only 5 minutes to complete kyc on wazirx. Here are the steps :

Once you followed above 9 steps, You will get options to select country, Type of KYC (Personal or Company) and click on “Complete Kyc“.


Kyc Part – 1 Personal INFO

Now enter your personal info : First name , Middle name, Last name, Date of birth, Address, State, City name, Pin code.

enter kyc personal information

Make sure you entered all the details matched with Aadhar card or Driving License.

Kyc Part – 2 Pan Card details

You need valid pan card number issued by Indian government and scanned copy to complete wazirx kyc verification. If you don’t have then you can make E-pan card online using Aadhaar card Otp.

wazirx-pan-card verification

Enter Pan card number, Re-enter pan card number and upload the soft copy of pan card. You can take clear photo from mobile phone camera also.

Kyc Part – 3 Document type

Select any Document from list, Suppose aadhar card then Enter aadhar card number , Re-enter it and upload the soft copy of both side of aadhaar card.

wazirx enter id proof details

Next take the Aadhaar in your hand and take selfie with holding in one hand. Make sure details is clearly visible.

upload selfie with id proof

Once you upload all the scanned copies of your documents, You are ready to submit for wazirx kyc verification. Click on “Submit for verification“.

Kyc Part – 4 Wait

Within 2 – 3 days, Your verification will be approved and your account will be fully activated. They will inform you via email.

All the restriction like withdrawals will be removed. Now you can withdraw earnings to bank account.

How to refer and earn unlimited commissions on wazirx ?

Now the process is come to become millionaire, Yes more peoples you refers. More you earns. You will earn from 1st day and from 1st day you can make payout without limit.

The referral process on wazirx is very simple, Only you have to copy your link or code from your account and share with your friends and tell them to sign up by clicking on this link.

Once they started trading, Free wrx coins will be added daily into your account. Use it for trading purpose or withdrawal to bank account.

Here is the process to getting wazirx referral code 2022 from account.

  1. First login into wazirx website 
  2. Enter email and password >> Complete security verification like Sms otp or Authentic via authenticator app
  3. From menu >> Click on earn “Invite & Earn 50% Fees“.

wazirx referral link and code

Here you”ll see your own wazirx referral link and code both, I recommend to share link with your friends because after visiting referral link. Code will automatically filled and no any chance of mistake.

Now you are ready to earn flat 50% trading commissions of your friends transactions daily in wrx currency.

How to withdraw wazirx referral earnings into bank account or UPI id ?

Now the part comes to convert that virtual cash into real cash, The whole process is instant and money will takes few seconds to show in your bank account.

Before going to transfer refer earnings into bank account, Must update your payment method under account settings. Add bank account or upi id in which you wants to receive wazirx referral earnings.

wazirx payment options

First minimum Rs.1,000 in your INR currency under wazirx funds, If you have in any other currency then first convert into INR using exchange option or P2P option.

Now goto “Funds” option from menu, Click on withdraw from INR section.


Here two withdraw options will be shown : IMPS & NEFT. For instant transfer, Select IMPS.

withdrawal options

Check the bank account details once again, Enter the amount , remarks and withdraw it. Complete the security verification and approve the transaction by clicking on link which receive on registered email id.

wazirx instant withdrawal

Once you approve the transaction from email, Instantly the money will be transferred in to bank account.

3 Legit ways to earn free wrx coins on wazirx in 2022

Above is the only one way to earn free wrx coins which is referral code share but 3 more ways available on wazirx which makes your earnings double triple. Check Bibox pro referral code where spin and win upto 1 BTC free.

1. WRX mining

The option available on menu after login on wazirx where you can mine free wrx coins. Under this option they time to time runs offer where they gives free wrx coins on trading on offer mentioned currency.

wrx mining

The offer link will be provided under wrx mining section where you can visit and read all the details.

2. Wazirx contest

wazirx contests

Under contest option, You will see latest contest details. Under this option they runs contest like Highest trader between this date will be rewarded. Top winners will get free rewards in crypto currency.

3. Deposit Dhamaka

Another great option which gives rewards on depositing money in wazirx account. The whole offer details you will show under “Deposit Dhamaka” option under menu.

wazirx deposit offers

Only you have to deposit money from online payment method and leave it for specific time, You will get interest and other rewards under this category.


So guys this is simple journey to earn thousands of rupees by sharing wazirx referral code and convert into real bank cash. In the whole journey, You don’t need to invest single penny. You can start from zero.

If you are starting to trading on crypto currency then don’t invest money on high fluctuate currency because they gives you high returns as well as high loss.

We also give chances to our readers to share their referral codes on our website by filling below form, So when other new users will come. They will use your referral code, And you both will benefited.

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