Ember Funds referral code -Mine free Satoshi/hour on keep install app

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Ember Funds referral code -Earn 5 satoshi per hour on using referral code

Now mining free btc is more simple by just keep installing ember funds app in phone and no internet connectivity requires for free satoshi mining every hour. Use the ember funds referral code to earn 5 satoshi every hour and boost by referrals.

No investment require
There is no any tasks require, kyc require to mine free satoshi or any type of investment deposit require. Only daily check-in requires to start earning.

Satoshi is a fraction of bitcoin and earning 5 Satoshi every hour is very low. It means 120 satoshi per day which is around Rs.4 but share referral code to friends and boost it by 5 satoshi per hour per referral.

Ember funds is different from other mining apps which collects data and low mobile performance , eat battery and need Internet connectivity 24 hours. The app doesn’t require 24 hours internet connectivity, Even it will mine when phone is switched off.

Try Bibox referral code and win upto free 1 btc daily or join flitpay refer and earn program to earn free FLT tokens.

Ember funds referral code 2022 :

Ember funds referral code is 312461WSGH. Apply referral code & get 5 satoshi per hour boost. Share ember funds app & earn 5 satoshi / hour.

Ember funds referral code 312461WSGH
Sign up bonus Earn 5 Satoshi per hour
Referral bonus Boost 5 Satoshi per hour
Minimum withdrawal $5
Ember funds referral link Click here to download

What is ember funds app ?

Ember funds is crypto investment app. It makes easy to invest in crypto funds and develop investment portfolio top crypto assets, without any Bitcoin or crypto experience.

It supports all top crypto currencies and doesn’t store crypto assets. Non-custodial crypto wallet which have to link with coinbase account or deposit money from other exchange platforms for making portfolio and investing.

The good thing is invest mining and referral earnings or withdraw once earn above $5.

Note : Earnings will depend on BTC market. If Bitcoin price increases then satoshi price will increase and your earnings will also increase.

Let’s forgot all this things, Don’t wants to invest real money on ember funds. Here is the process for free mining satoshi every hour on just keep installing the app in phone.

How to apply ember funds referral code to earn 5 satoshi per hour ?

To get started free btc mining on ember funds , Here is the simple steps with screenshots.

1. First you need to download and install ember funds app on android phone.

2. Install and open it, Click on “Start earning” button. If not logged-in then It will ask to complete sign up process.


3. Enter name , email id , password and complete the sign up process. On next page, Set any 4 digit pass code of choice.

sign-up form

4. Select “Settings” icon from right corner. Select “Enter access code“. On entering you will earn 5 satoshi per hour.


5. Enter ember funds referral code as 312461WSGH


6. That’s it, Visit app homepage and again click on “Start earning” button. Every 5 satoshi will start adding on account.

Ember funds boost 5 satoshi per hour on per referral

How much earn per month ?
Every new user will boost and double your earnings, Suppose refer 10 friends then every hour earnings will 55 satoshi and Rs.1200 or $16 per month.

Here is the steps to share ember funds referral code with friends.

1. Visit “Settings” section after login on ember funds app.


2. Here you”ll see ember funds referral link, Click on copy icon or share on social media apps.

3. After sign up, Tell your friends to apply the code under Settings >> Enter access code then both will start earn 5 satoshi per hour.

Final words

Getting referrals is not easy task, So here we made simple it. Share ember funds app referral code free on this page. There is no sign up or anything requires.

Scroll below and fill the referral code form and soon it will show on this page and then free referrals will start come on your account.